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The company manufactures melting spinning equipment and chemical fiber filament equipment for spinning poy, fdy, hoy. the market share of beijing chonglee in china is 80%. at the same time, the equipment of beijing chonglee has flood into the market of india, bengladesh, pakistan, syria, iran, thailand, and the equipment are running well in these customers.enter company description here.
Spandex wet solvent spinning acrylic modacrylic reaction spinning spandex rayon (viscose process) melt spinningmelt spinning uses heat to melt the polymer to a viscosity suitable for extrusion. this type of spinning is used for polymers that are not decomposed or degraded by the temperatures necessary for extrusion.
In melt spinning, the fiber-forming substance is melted for extrusion through the spinneret and then directly solidified by cooling. melt spinning uses the heat to melt the polymer to a viscosity suitable for the extrusion through the spinneret. as the name indicates the chips of fibers are melted and extruded through the spinneret to obtain the fibers.
Specialized manual or fully automatic spandex winder. (equipped with jw3pa, jw3pb, jw470, jw460 and jw690 etc.) pa6+pet composite filament spinning machine this machine is suitable for the production of polyester and polyamide type; co-spinning, center and split thin type; poy composite long filament of orange petal type or specialized yarn type etc.


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