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About product

The multi-layer pet sheet co-extrusion line adopts co-extrusion technology to produce multi layer co-extrusion composite sheet. such as apet/petg, petg/apet/petg, apet/rpet/apet, etc. it is widely used in the area of thermal forming sheet, printing, metals packaging, etc.
Apet、petg、cpet sheet extrusion lin apet, petg, cpet single-layer or multi-layer sheet extrusion machine it,s one of the most advanced production lines with matured technology and stability in china. compared with other same kind equipment, it’s over 30% higher in overall efficiency. this line is suitable for ps, pp, pe as well. petg sheet
Flat pet sheet apet options marpet-a fs is a high optical grade polyester that is ideal for flat and cold bending applications. its ability to cost effectively machine and cold bend lends marpet-a fs particularly well to fabrication of items for the visual communications sector including point of purchase display stands, poster glazing
It can produce single, multi-layer sheet by multi-extruder co-extrusion. processed materials can be apet, petg, cpet etc ,the final products is widely used in thermal forming, printing, metal packaging. *with precision dispenser, evenly stratified and layers adjustable ratio. *horizontal tablet structure, operation and maintenance more convenient.


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