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  • 3mmⴀ20mm thickness of PVC foamed plates manufacture machine
  • 3mmⴀ20mm thickness of PVC foamed plates manufacture machine
About product

Beier machinery is specialized in providing you with roof tile extrusion line,profile extrusion line,pipe extrusion line,sheet extrusion line and other plastic pipe extrusion,china manufacturer. welcome to beier machinery!plastic pipe extrusion, profile extrusion line, roof tile extrusion line, pvc-o extrusion line.
Benk plastic sheet extrusion machine is also named plastic sheet extruding machine which is used to produce pvc marble sheet, pvc limitation and spc flooring. benk machinery is a leading plastic sheet extrusion line manufacturer in china, we supply extruder machine at an affordable price.
Pvb/eva film extrusion line is our core equipment, we have full experience in pvb film production machine. our machine can produce from 0.38mm to 1.5mm thickness, output from 300kg to 800kg per hour. you can get good price here
Extrusion is the process of heating practically only tps that may be in the shape of powders, beads, flakes, pellets, or combinations of these forms. this plastic enters the extruder's hopper. the extruder utilizes a plasticator [spiral screw that rotates within a heated barrel (cylinder)] to melt the plastic (chapter 3).the melted plastic is then forced through a die to produce the desired ...


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