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About product

For some polymers, the pelletizing has to be done under the condition without water and moisture, so that the extrusion system should have sufficient cooling capacity to cater for this process. sat tandem extrusion system is deigned for such kind of process.
Functional masterbatch toyocolor develops and provides masterbatches featuring a variety of functions by utilizing dispersion technologies and material surface treatment technologies that are core technologies, dispersing a wide range of materials.
Functional master-batch series continued to be the principal one,current products include various types of functional masterbatch ,black masterbatch, white masterbatch and color masterbatch, etc. our product technically is mature, the properties are very stable and reliable, well received by the customers!
With the vision to cater to various requirements of rubber, plastic and chemical industry, we, new plast machinery, were founded as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier.our comprehensive range of products includes filler masterbatch machine, palletizing line, plastic extruder machines, dispersion kneader, rubber dispersion kneader, plastic dispersion kneader and the like.


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