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Oct 01, 2001 · a die-land heater can also reduce die-head pressure and give up to 20% higher extrusion throughputs while maintaining good product appearance and dimensional tolerances. super-extrusion is a technique in which shear stress in the die-land
Each of our extrusion die systems is custom-designed to meet your needs and process parameters. below you’ll find cast film dies, extrusion coating and laminating dies, and sheet dies with removable lips and deckling to adapt to changes in production needs. nordson also offers ancillary equipment for added safety and reduced downtime for maintenance, and enhanced product quality
Even thickness of the film is obtained by adjusting the die ring with respect to the mandrel. it is important in film extrusion that the melt flows out of the die at the same velocity all round the gap. this means that it is necessary to ensure that melt is delivered evenly to all parts of the die. a spiral mandrel is of use here.
Die cutting materials. we offer thin-gauge insulation materials, plastics and other non-metallic materials suitable to die cutting on steel rule dies. materials are available in a variety of gauges that can undergo the die-cutting process to create electrical insulator components, thin-gauge plastic or laminate gaskets, and various plastic parts.


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