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About product

Weber fibertech develops and manufactures long and continuous (endless) fiber-reinforced thermoplastic parts. among other things, we make mid to large-sized parts based on the d-lft process in combination with organo sheets, ud tapes or tailored fiber blanks with glass or carbon fiber.
To address this demand, mitsubishi heavy industries plastic technology co., ltd., has completed the development and commenced worldwide marketing of the “d-lft system,” a kneading/injection molding machine capable of forming high-strength long-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (lft) products from glass fibers and polypropylene (pp) resin, all ...
Combine long fiber thermoplastic composites with strategic continuous reinforcement economically produce high quality form factors that outperform metal, wood, or thermosets plasticomp’s expertise in applying long fiber thermoplastic composite technology to new applications has led to the development of innovative profile extrusion processes.
Continuous reinforced fiber composite material production line supplied by suzhou jwell adopts multiple spindle automatic continuous unwinding, one-step presoaking drying&forming, online yarn expand correction, online automatic coating release paper and other functional materials; the whole line is equipped with imported brand plc control system and imported brand drive element, energy saving


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