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Normally, we know that pvc pipe making machine is a whole production line which consists of pvc pipe extruder, extrusion mold, vacuum tank, haul-off (tractor), and stacker or collector. pvc pipe extruder is conical twin screw extruder; normally we have this type with different production capacities:
Pvc pipe extrusion line is mainly used in the manufacture of plastic pvc pipe with various diameters and wall thickness used in the industries such as agricultural and constructioal plumbing.cable laying etc.this line is composed of conical twin screw extruder.cacuum calibration tabk.haul-off.cutterandstakeetc.the extruder and haul-off adopt imported ac frequency control device,vacuum
Pipe extrusion line haul-off haul-off units works syncronised with production speed while plastic pipe or profile producing, and catches plastic material without damages it and pulls it to following unit.generally there are two pieces of caterpillar ...
Pipe extrusion haul-off belt haul-offs. belt haul-offs are used for continuous extraction of pipes and profiles. they are known for especially consistent performance even at high production speeds. the belts are driven by brushless ac servo drives. both belt carriers can be


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