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  • Tongjia JGⴀTGSG Plastic geogrid extrusion line
  • Tongjia JGⴀTGSG Plastic geogrid extrusion line
About product

Convex node steel-plastic geogrid is upgraded by normal steel-plastic geogrid. it changes the disadvantages of normal geogrids including: low peeling strength of nodes of 30n, welded nodes cracking easily, difficult construction and low resistance to side deformation. because of the different materials proportion and construction technology ...
Qingdao leader machinery co.,ltd is an experienced and professional manufacturer of plastic extruder and extrusion lines for years. we can produce various equipments, including plastic sheet/plate extrusion lines and also some recycling and pelletizing machusines etc.
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It is a complete production line adopting calendering compound process to heat,extrude,press,cool ldpe,pp,pvc,eva and other raw material.it is used for producing monolayer or multilayer compound film for all kinds of geotexitle,non-woven fabric,weaving fabric.also it can produce geotextile flashing,etc.


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