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Biaxial (having two axes) stretching of film is used for a range of applications and is the primary manufacturing process by which products are produced for the food packaging industry. biaxial stretching of film: principles and applications provides an overview of the manufacturing processes and range of applications for biaxially stretched films.
Largest inventory of engineering plastic sheets, rods & tubing in singapore: features and benefits of singapore (asia headquarters) professional plastics pte ltd singapore offers a full-range of engineering plastics, laminates & ceramics. torlon®, semitron®, ultem®, tygon®, peek, macor®, turcite®, vespel® & meldin®pom sd- pc350
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Polypropylene is highly responsive to injection speed and pressure and sets up quickly in the mold, enabling molders to attain high production rates. this combination of performance properties gives polypropylene a position in the injection molding field that is unique among thermoplastics.


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