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In 30 seconds you can change from one extruder production tool to another allowing various methods of extruding or depositing, giving countless variations of your end product. the alice is available in different versions suitable for small, artisan production and large-scale production.
Feb 15, 2012 · mid-size extruders enable scale-up of hot-melt extrusion with the increasing use of hot-melt extrusion, extruder manufacturers have developed mid-size twin-screw extruders that facilitate process development and scale-up to commercial processes.
Jul 03, 2018 · econcore has installed a purpose-built 50 mm extruder as part of a laboratory-scale extrusion and forming line at the company’s recently-refurbished r&d facilities in leuven, belgium. the extruder was built by machining specialist meaf, based in yerseke, the netherlands, and equipped with a 500 mm sheet die built by austrian flat-die specialist emo extrusion molding.
Xtrutech manufactures a range of lab and r&d twin screw extruders for powder coatings, thermoplastics, biopolymers, medical plastics, chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals. the 10mm & 19mm high torque range is ideal for smaller samples of 100 grams, while the xts24 and xts35 r&d lines are floor mounted, very compact, and ideal for scale-up to production.


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