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About product

Plastic sheet extrusion machine manufacturer zhangjiagang city dida machinery co., ltd. is committed to sheet metal production line, spinning mat, polymer mattress production line, wood plastic building formwork production line,research, development and manufacturing of plastic extrusion equipment such as strapping equipment, honeycomb panel equipment, cast film equipment and multi-type granulators.
Promix solutions stands for mixing, foaming and cooling in plastics processing and polymer production. whether as a retrofit solution or installation in a new line, promix solutions delivers technologically outstanding key components combined with a broad process know-how and long standing experience.
Press foaming type crosslinked pe / eva foam (pxe) pxe is a unique, closed cell, crosslinked polyethylene/eva foam with an extremely fine celled molecular structure. unlike other foams, pxe is a material with a soft surface which is pleasing and offering superior flexibility and elasticity.
Ldpe raw materials and various functional masterbatch pelletizing systems for processing by extrusion system after mixing extruded sheet, the sheet and then through the foaming oven crosslinked foam, stereotypes and coiling, can be arbitrarily cut size the xpe material (domestic equipment is difficult to do).


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