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About product

Our company is one of the most famous companies in china who produces these kinds of precision foam extrusion machines such as pe foam sheet extrusion line, ps foam sheet extrusion line, epe foam sheet extruder, ps foam sheet extruder, chemically cross-linked pe foam sheet plant, xps foam board equipment, etc. every year, more than 90% of our products were exported to the world.
Production materials: molded eva foam/ crosslinked pe foam sheet/coil and extrusion foaming of crosslinked pe/xpe (chemical crosslink)/ixpe (electronic crosslink); extrusion pvc/nbr insulation foam. we have 11 eva/pe molded foam machine s, 2 lines for xpe/ixpe extrusion foaming, 1 line for pvc/nbr/epdm extrusion foaming.
Ixpe xpe ixpe is produced with high temp.foaming after radiation cross-linking of the electron accelerator on the extrudered material from filling mixing with polyethylene meeting rohs,.
Xpe ixpe foam sheet extrusion line. ... and it has the properties of heat resistance, anti aging and environmental protection and its coil shape and lamination features, so this product can be widely used in central air conditioning project, pipe project, large container, advanced composite layer; bag lining, packaging of integrated circuit ...


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