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Jul 16, 2015 · all extrusion processes depend to some degree on the melt strength of the polymer, and this property is generally a no-show on data sheets. high-speed extrusion: are you ready for the fast lane? around three dozen, mostly european, processors are pushing commercial development of high-speed single-screw extrusion.
Alpha pet/pp foil extrusion line extrusion line technical data line type 3-layer coex-sheet-line plus laminationhigh production dosing unit loss in weight dosing unit extruders co-rotating twin screw with very long, high vacuum venting unit; tr90 35d single screw with reiloy 90 mm barrel, air cooled and grooved feeding zones, barrier screws
Sheet extrusion line pp、eva、evoh、ps and pe multi-layer sheet co-extrusion line to meet marke's high request on products, dongguan dwell evelops advanced technology of five layer symmetrical distribution and seven layer asymmetrical distribution, which makes the sheets having better barrier performance.
Impact plastics is a custom sheet extrusion company specializing in high efficiency, tight tolerance, thin gauge extruded plastic sheet and roll stock optimized to improve operating efficiencies for thermoforming applications in the food packaging, medical packaging, cosmetics packaging and display, automotive and custom thermoforming industries.


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