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About product

To meet the demands of market, shanghai jwell supply customer pc pmma optical sheet extrusion lines with advanced technology, the screws are specially designed according to the rheological property of raw material, precise melt pump system and t-die, which makes the extrusion melt is even and stable and the sheet has excellent optical performance.
· for pc hollow sheet die,product thickness ranges from 4mm to 40mm, the standard width is 2100mm. · for multilayer structure hollow sheet die,product thickness can reach 80mm. · for pc trapezoid structure hollow profile die, the wave height can be made as high as 100mm.
Come with push-pull slightly-spaced adjusting screws reacting to resin pressure and metal movement to bend the flexible die lip and vary the die gap. all surfaces are chromo-plated. use 12.9 high-strength bolts as fasteners.
Jwell plastic extrusion machinery is devoted to be best china sheet plate film line and plate film line manufacturer.


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