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Pvc+asa/pmma glazed roof tile extrusion line is using main raw material of pvc and surface material of asa/pmma. pvc material is one of the largest output of plastic products in the world, its price is cheap, widely used; pmma material with smooth surface, bright color, the proportion of small, high strength, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, light fastness, good insulation properties, good
A specific type of extrusion line, a plastic sheet extrusion machine takes raw plastic, melts it down, and feeds it through a flat-sheet die. depending on the specific polymer and type of die lip used, a plastic sheet downstream will form a continuous, uniformly distributed film of plastic that can be wound or trimmed into a wide variety of end-use products: lighting panels, weather stripping, roll-stock,
Jun 30, 2017 · sheet from 0.5” to 2.0” is considered to be “plate”. although plate can be purchased above 2,” this is usu ally the thickest sheet that has been produced from the extrusion process. sheet will also occasionally be referred to as the” blank” when cut to a specified length and width.


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