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Film stretching is carried out at a temperature below the melting point of the ptfe and results in a partial orientation of polymer molecules in the direction of stretch. biaxial stretching of md-expanded film improves mechanical strength and void content of the film.
The obvious differences with the traditional stretch film line is to adopt the newest 4-shaft winder with 90 ° roll changing, high speed, no tailings and short cycle time. it is suitable for both 3 ” core and 2 ” core, can produce hand roll of 2kg and machine roll with high speed, which greatly reduces the procedure of rewinding, rewinder cost and labor cost.
Resin grades (pe, pp, pa, evoh) is concerned, this gives high flexibility of the production line. the extruders – this applies for both the blown and the cast film line – are equipped with barrier screws and highly effective shearing and mixing sections (see figure 2). cast film line:
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