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Biaxially oriented polyethylene (pe) pipes were prepared through solid phase die drawing technology. drawing speed presented a prominent effect on the hoop draw ratio (dr hoop) and axial draw ratio (dr axial) of the pipes.for pipe with dr hoop /dr axial of 2.465/1.182, the tensile strength was improved significantly along hoop direction as well as axial direction, reaching respectively 1.75 ...
Uni‐ and biaxial stretching of various polymer films has been studied under well‐defined conditions of temperature and elongational strain rate in order to determine the relationship between stress and recoverable strain for both modes of deformation.
The majority of oriented plastic films are biaxially oriented, the characteristics of which ideally meet the demands on modern flexible packaging. the biaxial orientation results in a significant ...
In reality, mylar ® is a registered trademark for a brand of biaxially oriented polyester film (bopet) that belongs to dupont/teijin film enterprises. there are about 20 different grades and finishes dupont/teijin offers under the mylar ® brand.


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