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Corrugated pipe extrusion line. purchase equipment: pe710 pipe extrusion line, pe2000 steel belt reinforced corrugated pipe extrusion line. country: cambodia. customer: soknov. we are very satisfied with xinrong's machine. we are confident to extend our market with quality products produced by quality machines.
Custom sheet extrusion airlite plastics sheet extruders are specifically engineered to work with polyethylene and polypropylene resins and produce a very high quality sheet. we can provide surface finishes such as smooth, sand-blast and hair-cell.
Extrusion is a metal forming process in which a billet with large cross sectional area is reduced to smaller cross sectional area by forcing the billet to flow through a die. extrusion ratio (initial cross sectional area / final cross sectional area) is a measure of magnitude of plastic deformation introduced to the billet [49]. both solid billet and hollow tube can be produced by extrusion.
Petro – the leader in engineering grade thermoplastic extrusion offers acrylic profiles off-the-shelf. a line of stock acrylic profiles is available from petro for a wide variety of applications including p.o.p. display assemblies. most items are available in crystal clear general purpose acrylic as well as impact-modified dr® grade. some of the many properties of our high quality shapes are:


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