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About product

Eva, ethylene-vinyl-acetate, is the type of material produced with amut’s extrusion foil line and it is especially reserved for the production of solar-photovoltaic panels. eva foil protects the photovoltaic cell, encapsulating and wrapping the silicon cells, and enables a perfect sealing and a high adherence with the outer glass sheet and with the back-sheet (lower layer).
Eva film is made from eva (ethylene vinyl acetate)resin with va content of 28% to 35% adding some modifying additives according to formulation.after heating , extrusion and calender, the resin becomes film.eva solar film is sticky free in normal temperature for easy handling.
Eva solar film extrusion line gws160gwell products made in china, china manufacturer. eva film extrusion linefunctions eva packaging film is mainly used for crystalline silicon solar cell. the eva film, in terms of adhesion and durability, has superior optical characteristics; it is more and more widely used in the electric cell module and many optical productssee more at: http:/
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