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Covestro’s maezio continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic (cfrtp) has been successfully applied in the high-end air conditioner haier casa di. now, maezio is used by chinese sports shoe brand bmai on the uppers of their limited edition sneakers.
Frp refers to fiber-reinforced plastic, or fiber-reinforced polymer, which is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fiber. frps are commonly used in industries of water supply and drainage, oil wells, water delivery, exhaust air, city underground pipeline, etc.
Composite production line . continuous winding . ... autonational composites has developed the latest generation of continuous filament winding machines for production of continuous glass fiber reinforced polyester (cfrp or cgrp). product diameters vary from 300 to 4000 mm. this new generation of filament winders has significant advantages ...
High pressure fiberglass rtp pipe production line is xinrong’s another self-developed product after ten years’ of continuous research work and testing. this rtp pipe is reinforced by high strength fiberglass, customer could easily change for different number of fiberglass according to different pipe pressure rankings.


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