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About product

It is a complete production line adopting calendering compound process to heat,extrude,press,cool ldpe,pp,pvc,eva and other raw material.it is used for producing monolayer or multilayer compound film for all kinds of geotexitle,non-woven fabric,weaving fabric.also it can produce geotextile flashing,etc.
More than 40 years ago we were the first to develop an extrusion line for the extrusion of pc hollow profiles. extrusion lines hollow profile pp we are a world leader, with more than 200 complete extrusion lines delivered by us all over the world.
Geogrid plate is new type of geotextile material. mainly used in geotextile construction for strength the soil, light ,high strength ,elongation low ,acid and alkali resistant difficult corrode,from economic and technique consideration,prior metal and stone , and as high performance and low cost , so it is widely used in water construction ...
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