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There are two distinct families of twin-screw extruders, defined as low-speed late fusion (lslf) twin-screw extruders (run up to 50 rpm), and high-speed energy input (hsei) twin-screw extruders (run up to 1200+ rpm). hsei twin-screw extruders are primarily used for compounding, reactive processing, and/or devolatilization.
How to calculate extruder screw torque. in the case of a twin-screw extruder, the output torque is t = p * 9550 / n / 2 / 1.05, with the exception of 2 because the output torque is given to two screws and the single screw torque is calculated. the value calculated by this formula is usually slightly higher than the actual value because, for example,...
Sep 01, 2002 · high-speed, high-torque machines are often—but not always—one or two barrel sections longer than a conventional twin-screw. the highest screw speeds apply only to smaller screw diameters. w&p’s zsk megacompounders go up to 1200 rpm but only in sizes up to 70-mm diam.
“i bought 3 lines from kerke, i liked its looks and quality. eric,sales manager,gave me so much help and advice for my business” _ hendri from pt cipta surya plastindo indonesia “we produce color masterbatch now using single screw extruder, but not good as twin screw extruder. i visited many factories in nanjing, but i made deal with kerke.


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