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Pp grades. polypropylene is one of the most versatile materials available today. hmc polymers’ pp resins are the basic building blocks used by our customers to make countless everyday products that have a positive effect on people's lives.
Thermoforming. the line is fed with plastics raw material, with extruders fed directly into the thermoforming machine. the plastic sheet is softened at the heating station. it then indexes to the forming station where the mould tools are located. the forming of the sheet is by a combination of air pressure and male core plugs.
Three stations thermoforming machine. the three stations thermoforming machine is suitable to handle different materials, such as a-pet, r-pet, c-pet, bops, hips, pp, pla, pvc and barrier material and to produce many items: trays, lids, fruits and vegetables boxes, flower...
The most popular sizes are 1.5”, 2.5”, 3.5” 4.5 and 6”. the effective length of the extruders typically 24-36 l/d although can be shorter or longer for specialized applications. the l/d of a single screw extruder is the ratio of the length over the diameter. motor and gearbox – extruders are variable speed with either an ac motor or ...


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