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Abs, ps, pmma refrigerator plate and sanitaryware plate extrusion line. 1.abs/pmma co-extrusion sanitaryware plate line: co-extrude pmma-abs and compound them together. not only maintain the gloss surface of acrylic board, but also given consideration to abs board shock-resistant advantage.
Extrusion line is suitable for producing the pmma or pc diffusion plate. pet thick plate extrusion line pet thick plate is made from the normal apet material and special modified pet material, due to its lower cost when compared
Versalis gpps units, based on proprietary technology, are on-stream in italy (75 kt/y, since 1971), and in belgium (75 kt/y, since 1989), making versalis one of the major european producer of general purpose polystyrene. one gpps unit (75 kt/y) licensed by versalis is
Pc、pp、pvc corrugated sheet extrusion line pc、pp、pvc corrugated sheet pc corrugated board has the merits of good weather resisting property, impact resistance, high light transmission. it is widely used in the roof for warehouses and easy constructions, such as stadium, swimming pools, skiing fields, station rest pavilions and so on.


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