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Apet, petg, cpet sheet extrusion line apet, petg, cpet single-layer or multi-layer sheet extrusion machine it’s one of the most advanced production lines with matured technology and stability in china.
Eastar™ petg copolyester 6763 do’s and don’ts for extruding fi lm drying do • dry eastar™ petg copolyester 6763 at least four hours at 65°c (150°f) using a desiccant-type dryer. insuffi cient drying will cause excessive molecular weight loss during extrusion, with resultant decrease in physical properties.
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Pvdf (pvdf) kynar sheet & rodorder online. extruded bars, rods, plates for machining of pvdf parts. available through the professional plastics website. price varies, compare and save.


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