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Apr 01, 2000 · screw design. in a starved twin-screw extruder, the feeders set the throughput rate and the extruder screw speed is independent and used to optimize compounding efficiency. the four high-shear regions are basically independent from the degree of screw fill. accordingly, at a given screw speed, as throughput is increased,...
Brevini twin screw extruder drives are available to produce the highest working reliability for a given application. gear teeth are case hardened and ground. properly designed gear tooth forms handle bending and torsional loads while achieving optimal noise behavior through a high contact ratio factor.
Parallel twin screw extruder. b. german henschel transmission box to be installed, so that the extruder can be used under a high torque, high screw speed, and high production efficiency working condition, with lower noise. c. british bibby safety coupling to be used, once the material is blocked, the torque suddenly rises,...
Zamak mercator extruders for plastic materials are characterized by high capacity, durable construction, low power consumption and save space. the main drive of extruders extruders are driven by modern ac motors in the 120 hz technology, power range up to 22 kw, and 87hz in the range of higher powers.


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