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List of products. ideal for the dairy, chemical or drinks industry; we use the highest grade of virgin hdpe to ensure maximum strength
China hdpe pipe manufacturing machines manufacturer provides pe hdpe pipe mould,die head,hdpe pipe making machine,hdpe extrusion line, etc. plastic film pelletizing machine , waste wood pallet shredder , used tire shredder , plastic crusher , plastic pipe extruder and hdpe pipe production line
Our ‘ t’ grip hdpe lining sheets mainly being used for protecting concrete from corrosion. hdpe ‘t’ grip lining is flexible hdpe sheet liner with t shape locking extensions used to line rcc pipes, concrete tunnels, wet walls, manholes, chambers, wastewater treatmen more...
Stocking locations in iowa, missouri and texas. centrally located to quickly serve the entire united states. our high density polyethylene (hdpe) innerduct is made of 100% virgin resin. the innerduct can be manufactured in almost any color and has outstanding uv protection. orange, black, red, blue and green are the most common conduit colors.


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