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About product

Bandera’s far-reaching and far-sighted attitude wins again and goes far, very far, with another line sailing away, bound to new zealand. this is the latest of four pet rigid film extrusion lines supplied in recent years to the important new zealand based, flight plastics group (two lines for the uk and two lines for new zealand).
Tpe stands for "thermoplastic elastomer". this product family consists out of different formulations which are elastic but with temperature increase become fluid and thus processable like thermoplastic.
Extrusion. in the extrusion process the tpe pellets are poured into a hopper are heated in the barrel and turned into a melt by this heat and shear. a screw carries the melted plastic through a shaped die to produce continuous lengths of shapes with the same profile, which are then cooled by air or water. our tpe compounds are easily extruded...
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