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About product

Eva (ethylene-vinyl acetate) this copolymer resin can be used in adhesives, sealants and coatings. it is the basis of many hot melt adhesives when blended with a petroleum wax and a resin tackifier. also, it imparts plastic-like properties that enable wax to compete effectively with high-quality polymeric coatings.
Pp+caco3 environmentally-friendly sheet extrusion line it developed by jwell company uses the three extruders for 3 or 4 layers co-extrusion. this line adopts the jwell latest designed
Jwell company adopts the solid roll for combining multilayers,this new technology make the tpo sheet having a good function against wind uncovring.tpo waterproof sheet is a new type of waterproof product ,which is produced with thermoplastic polyolefin plus antioxygen and plastifier and so on.the middle layer is polyester fabric for reinforcement,the surface is laminated with textile fiber and aluminum foil.this kind of tpo waterproof sheet
Eva film extrusion line. functions. eva packaging film is mainly used for crystalline silicon solar cell. the eva film, in terms of adhesion and durability, has superior optical characteristics; it is more and more widely used in the electric cell module and many optical products


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