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Apr 01, 2013 · tpu tube extrusion line 10 meters/min. air hose. ... extrusion eines profils (de) profile extrusion (en)duration: 4:03. institut für kunststofftechnik, universität stuttgart 826,046 views.
Automobile sealing strip extrusion line / sealing strip extrusion line / sealing strip extruder. this production line is equipped with a gluing machine, flocking machine and drying rod to meet different requirements for automotive interior flocking strip production. by replacing a corresponding screw barrel, this production line can also be used to process seal strips used in a wide array of
Tpu film extrusion line tpu film has excellent high tension, high tensile, high toughness and aged resistance, and it is also one kind of environment friendly material. nowadays, tpu film has been widely used in shoes material, tailoring, air-filled toy, device for over and under water sports, medical, exercise, car chair material, umbrella, leather suitcase and bags etc.
Eriks is experienced in designing and developing specific rubber extrusion profiles for any sealing problem in the world.


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