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Co-rotating twin screw, 57mm carbon steel compounding extruder with optional high torque drive rated at up to 350 kg/hour – depending on materials and application. l to d ratio 34:1 equipped with 9 jacketed barrels in 7" long sections for heating and cooling, 3.5" diameter feed area with additional infeed area of 28" downstream from the first.
The installed power (kw) for a given size extruder is a function of screw diameter screw speed (higher speed = higher kw) specific torque (torque density) gearbox technology screw shaft metallurgy when compounding low-bulk density fillers or premix feeding, high screw speed (>600 rpm) can also provide increased capacity
6 ze twin-screw extruders process implementation with utmost precision d/d = 1.46 24 extruder types in ze-utx/ut version 24 twin-screw extruders in two versions with 12 sizes each are available for performing the process steps involved in the manufacture of your products – efficiently and technically optimized. both kraussmaffei berstorff ze ...
Parallel twin screw extruder. b. german henschel transmission box to be installed, so that the extruder can be used under a high torque, high screw speed, and high production efficiency working condition, with lower noise. c. british bibby safety coupling to be used, once the material is blocked, the torque suddenly rises,...


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