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Used blow molding machine used extrusion blow moulding and injection blow molding machines for the production of plastic bottles, containers, jerrycans, etc, made from pp, pe, pvc, pet and other thermoplastics suitable for beverages, cosmetics and the household industry.
Plastic extrusion equipment works by forcing plastic material through a die, which is customized to meet your specific end shape requirements. we feature machines from a variety of manufacturers, ensuring we’ve got an extruder that will meet your exact needs.
Aaron's plastic machinery includes blow molding, cast film, compounding, dryers, down stream, single and twin screw extruders, mixers, pelletizers, shredders, winding and other types of plastics equipment. if you are looking to sell your used plastic equipment submit a
Plastic extrusion, a method through which plastic shapes profiles are produced, is an important process for many industries. in this process, shapes are produced when molten plastic is forced through a die. basic plastic extrusion profiles include strips, channels and trim. read more


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