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To drive broader use of these advanced materials across multiple industries, sabic, has invested in the composites industry’s first automated, digital system for the large-scale manufacturing of laminates made with its continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (cfrtc) tapes.
Processing and quality of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic by direct ex-trusion . s.feustel, s. caba, m. koch ... production line was developed and investigated for process capability. this extrusion process ... improved composites especially require a reduction of
A key breakthrough to enable cost efficient production of thermoplastic composite sandwich panels is econcore's patented thermhex technology. the technology is a continuous process for production of thermoplastic honeycomb core ().thermoplastic resin extruded in situ or pre-extruded film is vacuum-formed into a half-hexagonal web and folded into a honeycomb core.
Carbon fiber reinforced polymers are advanced composite materials used in a wide range of applications, from aerospace to automotive to sports equipment. when bound with plastic polymer resin, carbon fiber creates a composite material that is extremely strong, durable and lightweight and can be found in many forms, including fabrics, tubes and ...


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