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  • PC Plastic Hollow Cross Section ⼀grid Plate Extrusion Line
  • PC Plastic Hollow Cross Section ⼀grid Plate Extrusion Line
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Home » list of pc pmma gpps plate extrusion line we attach value to innovation, especially with patents of china on list of pc pmma gpps plate extrusion line , its excellent technology has reached the international advanced level, and has a higher reputation inside the list of pc pmma gpps plate extrusion line
Jwell plastic extrusion machinery manufactures pc hollow sheet extrusion line and extruder machine. we also have other sheet extrusion production machines.
Pc hollow profile plate extrusion line features pc hollow profile plate is used for lots of areas such as construction of sunroof in buildings ,halls, shopping center ,stadium ,public places of entertainment and public facility. rain shield of bus stations ,garages, pergolas, corridors etc.
Feb 02, 2008 · how do i calculate the length of something at an angle? i barely even know how to ask this question. ok so lets say just for example i have a 24" long line, on a 45 degree angle, between two parallel, verticle lines.


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