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Jun 20, 2016 · extrusion basics: why it’s important to know how fast your screw can turn. how to determine your top screw speed, and why faster is not always better. by: allan griff. extrusion: pipe & profile. extrusion: film & sheet. june 20, 2016. ... especially for in-line thermoforming, and the claim is made that they save power and space. the power ...
Jun 30, 2017 · the plastic sheet extrusion process. part 1 . definitions, roll stack functions, roll stack configuration figures . one of the most mystifying things one must face, when choosing a roll stack for the sheet line, is why so many particular roll stack configurations exist, and how you make the proper selection.
The property of this pe/ pp pipe extrusion line is reliable, the production efficiency is high. 2. with special device, the pipe making machine can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe and core layer bulpo pipe, etc. pe pipe production line: can also produce pp, pe, abs, ppr, pex silicon core pipe and other pipe materials.
Pp sheet extrusion line description: bringing in international advanced technology, combined with our practical experience and domestic requirement, pp sheet extrusion line has been designed and developed by ourselves and is used to produce plastic sheet. acording to different customers’ requirement can produce pvc, pp, pe, ps, abs or some other extrusion sheet.


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