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Pe and ps foam recycling line ps foam sheet extrusion line ps foam sheet extruder uses a tandem screw technology to produce fine-blocked cell-structured extruded polystyrene foam sheet with high strength and a pearly and even surface, in a continuous roll, from polystyrene injecting an eco-friendly blowing gas and additives.
A well-known plastic sheet extrusion line and fast food packaging machine producer in taiwan. successful trials of apet foam (e-apet) sheet extrusion by using co2 and butane as blowing agents. e-apet is the future and could save up to 90% material comparing to rigid pet. e-cpet is also ovenable. fast food packaging machine and plastic sheet extrusion line manufacturing.
Tpu film extrusion line tpu(thermoplastic polyurethane) sheet has excellent feature of high tension, high tensile force, good toughness, ageing resistance, environmentally non-toxic, antimycotic & antibacterial, wear and corrosion resistance, biological compatibility.
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