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About product

Co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder consists of motor drive, torque distribution gearbox, processing section, temperature controlling units, direction and down-stream pelletizing system, etc. twin screw extruder adopts modular design principle, component standardization manufacturing, which can present stable and reliable performance.
Offers a variety of twin screw extruder. twin screw is founded in 1988, the first company engaged in the manufacture of twin screw extruder, pvc pipe machine, pvc pipe manufacturing machine, twin screw, pelletizing machine, pvc pipe making machine, pvc machine, pipe machine, pipe making machine, twin screw extrusion, plastic making machine, pvc extrusion, single screw, screw
Kuw series underwater compounding & pelletizing line kuw series underwater compounding and pelletizing line takes the latest technology, save more energy and higher performance. if you are looking for underwater pelletizing system with high quality and good price, kuw series will be your best choice.
Since our founding in zhoushan city in 1999, we are one of the earliest manufacturers producing twin screw barrels in china. now we have developed our product line to include both conical and parallel twin screw barrels, single screw barrels for both extruders and injection molding machines, twin screw main extruders and even added a whole pvc pelletizing (granulating) line.


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