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3.2.3 biaxially oriented films in the packaging sector, biaxially oriented polypropylene (bopp) film is the most used material; actually bopp constitutes two-thirds of all biaxially oriented films. in a lamination, they provide printability, transparent or matte appearance, or slip properties.
To make sheets of plastics like those needed for shrinky dinks, manufacturers use an extrusion process. in short, that means they load all of the ingredients for polystyrene into a heated mixing drum, which then forces the pliable, rubbery plastic through a slot die, creating sheets that are 0.09 inches (2.3 millimeters) thick.
A final chapter investigates potential future trends for biaxially oriented films and orienting lines. biaxial stretching of film: principles and applications is a valuable reference tool for a broad spectrum of readers, ranging from polymer and fibre engineers to electrical engineers.
Polypropylene matte film: a biaxially oriented matte polypropylene film offering one side gloss, one side matte tape base. applications include a variety of laminations. this film is a good alternative to high gloss films and is available in 60 gauge (15 microns).


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