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About product

(mrps) were fabricated from recycled truck tires in large volume, and used as fillers for the twin screw extruder (tse) compounding of recycled tpos. tpo was chosen as the base resin for compounding because of its excellent reprocessability, good compatibility with the micron-size tire rubbers, and reasonable low cost.
Scaling up from one size twin screw extruder to another can always create processing issues and problems to be solved. if the preliminary product work is done on a 20- to 30-mm twin screw extruder and the product attributes are very good, the next step is to scale it
Prepare small or different samples in a short time with a minimum of product waste. from sample batches of 50 grams up to outputs of 10 kg/h, the bench mounted 16 mm eurolab xl twin-screw extruder is the heart of a complete compounding and sample preparation system.
Entek manufactures screws and barrels for our own co-rotating twin screw extruders. we make replacement parts for other co-rotating and counter-rotating


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