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Jelucel® bf is a white dietary fibre concentrate obtained from the bamboo plant, available in powder or fibre form. due to its dietary fibre content of more than 98%, its chemical inertness and its neutral taste, jelucel® bf is ideally suited for various food applications.
Jul 07, 2014 · the development of bamboo fiber composites in china. bamboo fiber composite material uses the renewable cizhu bamboo as raw material with the bamboo bundle as the basic unit along the texture direction by the heat (cold) press into new environmental protection plate. the wind strength of the product is high with high hardness, good toughness.
Apr 26, 2012 · ground wood fiber equilibrates at 8% to 12% moisture by weight, depending on the humidity. residual water in the extrudate leaving the extrusion die causes swelling of the wpc profile , so it is necessary to remove essentially all of the water in the extrudate before it leaves the die and is exposed to atmospheric pressure.
Composite extrusion fibre converters uses post-consumer recycled plastics and engineered wood flour to create a variety of composite plastic sheets loaded with up to 50% wood flour. marcon technologies, an in-plant division of fibre converters, sells the composite extrusion sheets for use in a variety of products, particularly automotive, for which the sheets can be compression molded or


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