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About product

Plastic extruded profiles are created by melting raw plastic pellets and forming the melted material into a continuous profile. plastic extrusion is a high-volume process used to manufacture a wide range of products including led light diffusers, custom size tubing, shelf talkers, bumpers, conveyor covers, bumper strips, edge protectors, electrical insulator channels and more.
Fom carr 100 aluminium extrusion trolley for aluminium profile extrusion handling and storage. the carr 100 is designed to improve the efficiency of material handling within your factory. aluminium profiles can be moved and stored safely and easily in...
Our single and twin screw extrusion machines excel in producing sheet, pellets, pvc pipe, window profiles, vinyl siding, and profiles of wood and natural fiber plastic composites. we can help with challenging projects that require complex system solutions for thermal sensitive compounds to complex shapes or precision extrusions.
All of our extrusion profiles connect with the same set of assembly plates and fasteners. ready to assemble extrusion length available in increments of 45mm.


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