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Amut pvc extrusion line 820 mm amut pvc extrusion line for up to 500 kg / hr rigid pvc packaging sheet 180 micron1000 micron. 120 mm twin, 1000mm roll stack, haul off, winder 2004... um 11900 uk contact supplier
Total 24 grades. polyvinyl chloride (pvc) is among the most versatile plastics with a wide variety of end use applications; e.g., packaging articles and construction. its availability in many rigid and flexible formsboth durable and light weight, clear or colouredgives designers opportunities that they would not find in any other material.
Davis-standard’s innovative extrusion design engineering and extensive field experience enable us to supply proven technology for plastic sheet utilized in heavy sheet applications for the marine and automotive industries. in addition to davis-standard engineered technology, we have trusted relationships with industry partners who augment our lines...
Transparent pvc sheet production line. 1.several simple properties have made pvc invaluable as one of the key plastics used in modern day packaging to protect and preserve products. it is flexible, light, cost-effective, transparent, tough and safe. 2.pvc also plays a valuable role in protecting health and improving standards of hygiene.


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