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Nov 21, 2015 · classification dies needed to make several unique products are classified as 1) sheet dies. 2) flat-film and blown-film dies. 3) pipe and tubing dies. 4) profile extrusion dies. 5) co-extrusion dies. 4. typical extruded die shapes. 5. sheet extrusion dies • the most common extrusion die for sheet products is the coat hanger-type manifold die. 6.
Shang ta chia is the leading extrusion machine manufacturers in taiwan. we want to recommend you the hot series of extrusion line, including pet extrusion machine, pp extrusion machine, sheet extrusion machine, pvc extrusion machine line and etc. we got an excellent reputation for precise plant designs to meet customers' requirements in this extrusion machines field.
Multi-layer pet sheet film extrusion line is composed of two or more layers of co-extruded pet film. the multi-layer co-extruded compound die head design allows even distribution of all levels of melt in the die head after expansion, and prevents channeling between layers.
Rapid servicing systems data sheet edi® ultraflex™ sheet dies whether your specific sheet application requires our standard edi ultraflex™ die design, a heavy duty sheet die, or a die with optional features like edi smartgap™ (us patent 9,815,237) or fastgap™ technology, nordson's highly skilled team will work with you to design an innovative solution to meet your needs.


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