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In addition, we undertake turnkey project for new spinning machines such as high tenacity industrial yarn line (for sewing thread) and pp fdy line, and new spare parts like various spinnerets, ceramic parts, cpf, filter candle, extruder, gr, sr, melt and finish pump and motor.
Fourné. fourné polymertechnik can rely on 50 years of experience with plants and systems for textile manufacturing industry. a highly innovative family-owned company whose strengths are the development of innovative process technologies and a very flexible production process.
Jul 26, 2016 · i worked out on a 1950s fat jiggling machine and here's what happened. ... so when i heard about fat melting jiggle machines, i had to try them. ... but that claim is dubious at best.
For a representative calculation, we consider nylon melt, with a viscosity of 200 poises, being spun from a hole 10 mils in diameter at a final spinning speed of 2,000 ypm and a stretch of 5x between the spinneret and the final take-up. this means that the bulk velocity, ub, in the spinneret hole is 400 ypm.


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