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A thicker layer height will provide more flow, and consequently more heat, making the extrusion adhere to the bed more. it also gives the benefit of giving more tolerance for the levelness of the bed. it is recommended to raise the first layer height to match the diameter of the nozzle, e.g. a first layer height of 0.35mm for a 0.35mm nozzle.
Square, small, reinforced or custom—spiratex can produce plastic tubing in virtually any configuration, with a wide range of materials. we offer both screw extrusion and ram extrusion processes, giving us the flexibility to create exactly what you need.
We were the first to extrude highly loaded natural fiber plastic composite materials nearly twenty years ago and pioneered multi-layer fuel line tubing in the 1980s. teel plastics invented numerous in-line cutting techniques and has built unique manufacturing and production equipment to meet customer demands for years.
This sheet extrusion line is equipped vertical three-roller calender, with high performance vented extruder, die, screen change system, cooling rocket, haul-off unit, cutting unit and etc. this kind of line is suitable to produce pe/pp/ps/hips/abs/pvc single-layer and multi-layer sheet with thickness of 0.1mm to 30mm and width of upto 3000mm.


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