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Jul 07, 2011 · d y m co., ltd. (korea) d.y-vina machinery co., ltd. (vietnam) we are the manufacturer of machinery and equipment breathable and non-breathable production line
This is the first high performance cast line dedicated to stretch films installed in vietnam. the new line can produce hand, machine and jumbo reels and is specially dedicated to the production of cling film for food applications; with the formulations supplied by the colines® r&d department ky-phat can widen its market and export its pe cling film to the usa.
In the cast film extrusion process, the molten polymer travels through a flat die system to adopt its final flat film shape. the die system is formed by the die and feedblock (if the process requires coextrusion) or simply the die, if the process is that of mono-layer extrusion.
Jul 14, 2006 · argotec adds hard tpu films for flat-die extrusion. gel can be unmelted resin or resin particles with slightly different melt properties. gel can affect mechanical and aesthetic properties. °no processing aids or lubricants are required. these processing aids can affect adhesive wet-out or interfere with downstream processing, such as lamination or printing. °gauge can be adjusted in-line.


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