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Zhangjiagang techno machinery co.,ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting different kinds of plastic extrusion and plastic recycling machinery. ... pvc pellets extrusion line is ...
The best twin screws for your pvc pipes. more than seven decades of twin screw engineering experience manifest themselves in terms of optimal processing results and high output potentials. in combination with our pvc mono-layer and multi-layer pipe heads and pipe extrusion downstream components, you will find complete extrusion lines for every type of pipe in our portfolio.
Used 40 mm berstorff twin screw strand pelletizing line consisting of one (1) techweigh volumetric feeder with motor drive, one (1) 40 mm berstroff twin screw extruder, model ze40a ht, electrically heated, water cooled barrel, 30:1 l/d, top vented, 50 hp dc drive with control panel with scr controller, one (1) 5 hp sihi liquid ring vacuum pump, one (1) 16" wide x 12" deep x 120" long stainless steel
1. pvc granules machine/hot cutting pelletizing line is for pvc hot cutting is composed by a conical twin-screw extruder and the correspondingly pelletizing downstream equipment, it is suitable for the pelletizing of pvc,pe raw materials with wood powder or other additives. 2. the pellets produced by this machine is evenly, solid, elegance. 3.


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