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Scg chemicals have always been aware of this problem so we have been trying to find a solution to help. we call this "conjuring" and it is a key solution to increase the capability of injection work. "active flow" was, as a result, invented. this product contains supplements that help pe and pp plastics to become more flowing.
With physical foaming, gas compression into the extruder, the density of the products can be decreased more, and also the cell growth control becomes more feasible [1, 16]. continuous foaming is normally simply one stage extrusion, where the temperature is kept below the polymer melting point (figure 2).
Ingredient for making polypropylene (pp) and propylene copolymer resins. polyolefin resins are classified as thermoplastics, which means that they can be melted, solidified and melted again. this contrasts with thermoset resins which, once molded, cannot be reprocessed. most polyolefin resins for film extrusion generally are used in pellet form. the
Jincor pp-r pipes & fittings are manufactured according to german din standards with sizes ranging from 20mm upto 160mm. the outstanding temperature rating up to 95 0 c and pressure rating up tp 25 bar make pp-r system the ideal solution for variety of applications including: hot and cold potable water piping networks in


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