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The counter-rotating twin screw extruders can be divided into two types with conical and parallel screw systems. the lower the required output rate the more the conical twin screw extruder is preferred. the application range of this system goes up to 150 kg/h but as outputs increase so do the benefits of
The milacron tc conical twin screw system has a wide range of options for every application requirement: customized screw designs matched specifically to the customer process requirements for optimal performance. feeding systems to meet process performance requirements: gravity, doser, crammer, single and multi-component gravimetric.
Apr 10, 2015 · for example, you will get a conical twin extruder (cte) with roller head from colmec spa, twin screw roller head extruder (tsr) from kobelco, twin screw discharge extruder (convex™) from hf mixing group or simply twin screw sheeter (tss) from other rubber machinery manufacturers like bainite machines.
Twin screw extruders for pipe the best twin screws for your pvc pipes battenfeld-cincinnati’s parallel and conical counter-rotating twin screw extruder series are suitable for manufacturing small pipes by twin-strand or quadruple-strand extrusion, for multi-layer pipes with a foam core, but also for large-diameter pipes up to dn 1600.


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