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About product

Twin screw extruder sale. main applications of our extruder color masterbatch filler masterbatch (caco3, talc) tpr,tpu,tpe,eva engineering plastics pet flakes cable materials pla/pva starch other customized application you need better twin screw extruder at good price
These prerequisites require extrusion and feeding solution on a resource-conserving miniature scale, like the parallel twin-screw mini extruders on the left and flat-tray feeders on the right. during intensive cooperation with operators three-tec ltd. has designed this twin screw extruder
Now onplas becomes a group company, kerke is our brand focusing on co-rotating parallel twin screw extruder manufacturing, from kte-20 lab extruder to kte-135b twin screw extruder, output from 2kg/hour to 2000kg/hour, mainly for color masterbatch, filler masterbatch, engineering plastics, black masterbatch, tpe/tpr/tpu elastomers, soft pvc ...
Feeding of the extruder is independent of screw design. for successful operation of any single screw extruder a consistent feed stream must be supplied. the feed stream must be of uniform composition and uniform weight.


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